KMC Mining Corporation Investment Announcement

KMC Mining Corporation Investment Announcement

Calgary, Alberta

TriWest Capital Partners of Calgary, Alberta (“TriWest”) is pleased to announce that it has invested in KMC Mining Corporation (“KMC”) in partnership with KMC’s senior management team, Alberta Investment Management Corp. (“AIMCo”), ATB Investment Management Inc. (“ATB Investment Management”) and Kensington Capital Partners Limited (“Kensington”).

KMC has been in business for almost sixty years. For over thirty years, the company’s primary focus has been the open pit mining sector of the Canadian oil sands. KMC has been involved in a wide range of mining activities including site preparation, tailings dyke and haul road construction, overburden removal, reclamation, crushing and hauling ore.

About TriWest

Founded in 1998, TriWest is one of Canada’s leading private equity firms. It is entrepreneurial, independent and based in Western Canada. TriWest makes significant equity investments in profitable companies and works in partnership with management to create opportunities for further growth and superior financial returns.

About AlMCo

AIMCo invests more than $70 billion, held in a number of public sector pension, endowment and special purpose funds. Formerly the Alberta government’s investment operations, this organization has a long history of providing strong and consistent investment returns to its public sector clients. AIMCo was formed as a crown corporation on January 1, 2008 to provide the best structure from which to aim even higher and to deliver on its mission to establish investment excellence.

About ATB Investment Management

ATB Investment Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of ATB Financial, a full-service financial institution headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, offers quality, discretionary wealth management services to high net worth individuals, corporate and institutional clients. ATB Investment Management has built an impressive track record in the industry since its launch in 2002. Today, ATB Investment Management manages more than $2 billion in investment assets, including the Compass Portfolio Series, a comprehensive set of professionally designed investment portfolios, distributed through ATB Investor Services advisory teams.

About Kensington

Kensington is Canada’s leading independent private equity fund investor, founded in 1996. To date, Kensington has received commitments of over $385 million for private equity investments through its fund-of-funds and direct co-investment programs. Institutional investors such as pension funds and professional asset managers, as well as high net-worth individuals and retail investors, hold Kensington funds. Kensington has consistently achieved top-quartile financial returns for its investors.

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