Broda Group


Operating Locations:
Kamsack, SK
Prince Albert, SK


September 2014


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Broda Group

Founded in 1957, Broda Group Holdings LP (“Broda” or the “Company”) serves the Western Canada heavy construction industry. Broda specializes in four main areas: earthwork, civil construction, aggregate processing and concrete production. The aggregate processing division uses the latest in specialized equipment to blast, excavate and haul in excess of three million cubic metres of rock material per year. The Company has aggregate processing contracts to supply railway ballast to both major Canadian railways. The earthwork and civil construction division currently focuses on servicing the private and public sectors in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Broda earthwork and civil construction projects include highways and roads, dams and reservoirs, canals and waterways, airfields, railway grades, industrial plant sites, site reclamations, subdivisions and containment ponds. The Company is headquartered in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan where the Company has an 18,000 sq. ft. office and maintenance facility.

The management team is led by Gord Broda, President, who has been with the Broda since 1976 and has been part of the management team since 1986. Under Gord Broda’s leadership, the Company has become a leading provider of construction services, especially in the Saskatchewan and Alberta markets. Broda has leveraged its expertise in heavy construction, unwavering focus to exceed customer expectations, ability to meet demanding specifications and its strong commitment to health and safety to build an industry leader with an outstanding reputation for quality work and exceptional service.