Innova Global


Head Office:
Calgary, AB

Operating Locations:
Cambridge, ON
Tulsa, OK
Heerlen, Netherlands


December 2015


Divested April 2019


Innova Global

Founded in 1991, Innova Global Ltd. (formerly AEM Emissions Management Ltd.) is a full-service engineering, procurement, manufacturing, and construction company specializing in air and noise emissions control, acoustic consulting, heat recovery, and equipment and infrastructure solutions primarily for the power generation, industrial, and oil & gas industries. The Company is a global leader, having undertaken challenging projects with excellence in over 35 countries. The Company has delivered guaranteed performance and compliance on more than 3,500 projects.

The Company operates under two main divisions: i) noise management, and ii) environmental solutions. Noise management systems are used to reduce noise generated by acoustically intensive processes including power plants, oil & gas facilities and other industrial processes. Specific products include acoustic buildings, acoustic enclosures, acoustic barriers, acoustic ventilation, and relocatable structures. Environmental solutions are used to reduce air and noise emissions from natural gas-fired power generation facilities. Each of Innova’s environmental solution products provides at least one of the following benefits: i) reduce noise or air pollutants in order to meet regulatory requirements, ii) increase efficiency of the power plant system, iii) maximize the useful life of turbine components through reduced wear. Environmental solution products include selective catalytic reduction, filter houses, diverter dampers, anti-icing systems, silencers, and diffusers.