KMC Mining


Head Office:
Acheson, AB

Field Office:
Fort McMurray, AB - Fort Hills Site

Operating Locations:
Fort McMurray, AB - Suncor Site
Fort McMurray, AB - Syncrude Site


March 2008


Divested September 2019


KMC Mining

Company Profile
KMC Mining Corporation was established in 1949 as a contract road builder in Southern Saskatchewan and Alberta. As Western Canada developed, KMC expanded its operations to include railroads, dams, mines and other major earthworks throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Since the 1970s, the Company’s primary focus has been the open pit mining industry. Mining involvement to date has included zinc (Yukon), coal (Alberta and British Columbia), gold (British Columbia), uranium (Saskatchewan) and diamonds (Northwest Territories). In recent years, KMC has been focused on the Canadian oil sands sector.

KMC has an extensive fleet comprised of the most well-maintained and cost-efficient heavy mining equipment in the industry and is a leader in developing and promoting a safe workplace. The Company is an active member of the Partners in Risk Reduction program in partnership with WCB and has won multiple awards for its safety practices and track record.

Primary Services
Pre-Development Services – Building of access roads, ditching and removal of muskeg, civil engineering projects, establish water management infrastructure.
Mine Development – Development projects, haul road building, initial dyke construction, site grading.
Contract Mining – Overburden removal, ore mining, equipment rental, access road maintenance, haul road building, removal of rejects from processing facilities.
Tailings Dyke Construction – Removal of mature tailings material, re-establish tailing cells.
Reclamation – Final contouring, muskeg removal and replacement, site remediation, soil salvaging and replacement.