Northern Mat & Bridge


Head Office:
Grande Prairie, AB


April 2012


Divested May 2022


Northern Mat & Bridge

Northern Mat & Bridge (GP) Ltd. (Northern Mat) specializes in providing temporary access solutions to the oil and gas, construction, pipeline, mining and utilities industries in Western Canada. The Company provides sales, rentals and turn-key servicing of wooden access mats, steel frame rig mats, and both temporary and permanent bridge structures. Northern Mat maintains a modern fleet of transport trucks, excavators and wheel loaders, which are used to install access mats quickly, safely and efficiently. Northern Mat also owns and operates a state-of-the-art access mat manufacturing facility located in Northern Alberta.

Northern Mat’s products enable its customers to access remote areas where terrain and soil conditions would otherwise prevent workers and equipment from reaching job sites. These access solutions improve the operability of drilling and construction equipment, minimize effects on the environment and increase jobsite safety.