Omstead Foods


Wheatley, ON (Omstead)
Abbotsford, BC (Snowcrest)
Burnaby, BC (Snowcrest)


January 2003


Divested July 2011

Omstead Foods

TriWest, in conjunction with Snowcrest Packers Ltd., purchased Omstead Foods Limited and its wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary, Omstead Foods, Inc., from the H.J. Heinz Company of Canada Ltd. Omstead Foods Limited subsequently merged with Snowcrest Packers. The amalgamated company continued to operate as Omstead Foods Limited. Founded in 1911, Omstead Foods is a leading processor of frozen vegetables, freshwater fish, and coated appetizers for domestic and international customers.

Founded in 1959, Snowcrest is Western Canada’s largest independent processor of packaged frozen fruits and vegetables to the retail and foodservice industries. The merger of the two companies offered combined operational synergies and a more diversified customer base. In addition, the combined Company is the only national processor of frozen fruits and vegetables in Canada.


Omstead is a leading processor of frozen vegetables, fruit, freshwater fish, and coated appetizers in Canada. The Company was one of the first commercial frozen onion ring manufacturers in North America and the Omstead onion ring has an excellent reputation. Snowcrest provides an extensive product array of packaged frozen fruits and vegetables.

The Company also manufactures and sells both natural and sweetened fruit and vegetable purees. Snowcrest supplies product to both the retail grocery industry and food service distributors.