Polymer Plainfield


Cambridge, ON
Plainfield, IL, USA (Two Facilities)
Sturgeon Bay, WI, USA
El Paso, TX, USA
San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Guangdong, China


January 2005 (Initial Investment), October 2006 (Merger)


Divested May 2012

Polymer Plainfield

Polymer Technologies Inc. and Plainfield Tool and Engineering, Inc. (d.b.a. Plainfield Companies) merged on October 5, 2006 to create an industry-leading molding and stamping company with facilities in Canada, the United States, Mexico and China. The Company manufactures high-volume components, sub-assemblies and assemblies for blue-chip customers in the automotive, electronics, medical and consumer products industries.

The Company utilizes extensive plastic molding, precision metal stamping, contact welding, riveting and coil winding expertise, allowing customers to source a broad array of products from a single supplier. The Company’s design and engineering capabilities, utilization of leading-edge technologies, culture of creativity and extensive experience allow it to complete complex projects from conception to production.

Insert Molding

A polymer is injected around a metal insert, resulting in a single component with added functionality, strength and durability (e.g. connectors, switches and actuators).

Injection Molding

Horizontal, vertical and rotary presses are used to inject resins into pre-shaped molds. Two-shot molding can be used to combine two traditional molding processes into one, thereby eliminating work-in-progress while improving consistency (e.g. covers and buttons).

Metal Stamping

Products are produced on stamping presses using progressive dies, multi-slide technology and extensive automation (e.g. casings, terminal connectors and brake shoe clips).

Other Products

The Company incorporates metal stamping, molding, broaching, testing and part marking in a fully automated process to manufacture a number of complex products (e.g. airbag connectors and precision busbars).