Prostar Energy


Head Office:
Okotoks, AB

Operating Location:
Leduc, AB


October 2015


Current Portfolio Company


Prostar Energy

Prostar Energy Holdings Limited Partnership (“Prostar Energy” or the “Company”) is comprised of two wholly owned subsidiaries, specifically, Prostar Well Service Inc. and Prostar Manufacturing Inc. (formerly Rangeland Drilling Automation Inc.).

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Leduc, Alberta, Prostar Well Service is an innovative well service company providing experienced, knowledgeable crews and purpose built automated service rig packages for E&P customers in the Alberta thermal heavy oil market. Prostar Well Service utilizes proprietary service rigs designed and manufactured by Prostar Manufacturing which significantly increase work place safety and efficiency.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Okotoks, Alberta, Prostar Manufacturing is an industry leading designer, manufacturer, and provider of highly innovative, automated well servicing equipment and solutions. Prostar Manufacturing’s flagship product is the SRR-150 service rig (the service rig used by Prostar Well Service). Equipped with an automated catwalk, top drive, power tong, mud tank, well site trailer, accumulator and skid-mounted workshop, the SRR-150 is a completely integrated and engineered system, enhancing jobsite safety, maximizing productivity and providing operators with a level of control and versatility that conventional service rigs aren’t capable of offering. Prostar Manufacturing’s products are protected by a suite of issued and pending patents.

The Company manages a fleet of service rigs which operate under contracts from investment grade producers. Prostar Energy has been able to demonstrate material cost savings for their customers by delivering best-in-class service which is supported by a continued drive to provide innovative rig packages specifically designed to overcome the unique challenges of Alberta’s oil sands SAGD completions and workover markets.