Regent Energy Group


Nisku, AB
(HQ & Manufacturing Facility)
Calgary, AB
(Sales Office)

Sultanate of Oman
(Manufacturing Facility)


March 2011


Divested August 2014

Regent Energy Group

Regent Energy Group (Regent) is an independent service company specializing in sand control and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) completion solutions within the oil and gas industry. Since its inception, Regent has been at the leading edge of sand control technology, initially in the Alberta oil sands and more recently in locations such as the Middle East and South America. Regent is widely credited with significantly advancing the technology used to produce the difficult reserves of Alberta’s bitumen belt. Regent is now expanding the use of the technology developed in Alberta to advance unconventional resource extraction around the world.

Regent’s evolution has given rise to new opportunities to expand its knowledge base and use its skills in different ways. Through research and development, Regent is creating a better understanding of how reservoirs can best be produced. Regent has developed proprietary flow models, which can provide answers to everything from slot configuration to steam distribution for each unique reservoir, based on reservoir data.

With over 50,000 square feet of shop space and state-of-the-art equipment and systems that facilitate production of 125,000 meters per month, Regent provides the highest quality slots while maintaining the economics of the well. Regent has the tools and the knowledge base to continue aiding the production of the most challenging reserves around the world.